Sunday, May 26, 2013

I am iron man=)


It has been so long i have not posted anything in this dusty blog. Oh well all of a sudden i feel like to update with a very minor one hehe.

Here is one for me the best iron man opening song ever. I AM IRON MAN=) hehe

this song is so cool=) enough said. strangely the suit in this cartoon is featured like Tony Stark wearing clothes haha=p

However i love the iron man movies=) Something that i noticed is that Iron Man movies except the avengers are mostly about Iron Man versus technology driven enemies. What the Mandarin should be as in the cartoons i watched isn't what it turned out to be in Iron Man 3 hehe. Oh well it is still cool=)

these series of pictures really complete the question of the list of Iron Man armors in IM3=)

 that is it for now hehe

later then

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tiger and Bunny time=)






no these are not the animals i want to talk about

I love this anime it is highly recommended

Dont want to give spoilers=) hehe it is just awesome cant wait for the movie to air

Lets go for some Hero time=)

Oh yes Azuma Kazuma=) hehe

Reviving this dusty blog perhaps


As the title suggests... this is a dusty blog. I have not been updating this blog nearly a year...

This blog contains nothing but concerning myself. Of gundams, kamen riders and link for downloading movies and animes...

This is a lonely place all for myself...

Dont expect me to preach here... i think i should make a new blog that is just for preaching. This is a totally entertainment related one and i am sure any girl or any matured person will laugh at the insignificance of whatever is here...

A lot has happened to me...

and yes i have been broken.... my heart has been shattered in pieces. Learnt the hard way to move on indeed. Somehow when i see my own heart crumble to pieces with hopes of actually finding the one.... she left.... and why do i have to be reminded of my ultimate role the hard way...

lets assume the role of the white angel again shall we? It does not matter whether i lose myself lose my life or whatever it is as long as i can help others... probably my place is not here at all....

Ready to fly.... Spread the wings and lets go again

Next post will be pictures and more pictures i should enjoy my life=)=)=) i miss the times when i enjoy taking photos of gundams and kamen riders

i am beginning to be more shy indeed.... and i know just the reason why.... that is i have to live by my name and role as the Secret Soldier of Light and Hope the White Angel that was born in the great Garden of Knowledge and Virtue =)

yes indeed...=)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kyan!me 2011


and here they are... my Kyan!me 2011 pics=)

not for sale aaa=p

the real grades=) looks nice but i think too small for me to assemble hehe

the nude MG Rezel Commander with Scythe

the kit that i was building during the exhibition=)

body parts done

assembled and it looks nice=) but honestly i was expecting more. The only master grade feel in building this was the legs. The upper body feels like assembling HG...

and spreading the wings...

day 1 complete=)

SD G Gundam
Burning Fingaaaa!!!

RG Zaku

RG RX-78-2

the green bearguy

PG OO Raiser

RG Aile Strike

Second day building the stand for my MG Wing Zero


1/1 scale food =) ehehe

i love it=) hehe

MG Sinanju with its big bazooka

Live Gunpla Exhibition/Tutorial Exhibitor cum tutor cum lecturer=) hehe

the scythe is back to its rightful owner hee

fully clothed MG ReZel commander type

oh i need this one... MG Astray Red Frame

with kids=)

the building area=)

and one of the biggest surprise of all is that my friend Fabian and myself were in the Sunday post newspaper huhu=) and we are Sarawak Gunpla Meisters=)

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i love gundams and i dont have much time to even assemble them and i love to buy them hahaha=) and i also dont do any customization (painting etc) to my gundams as i like them as they are=)

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